About RetrogradeFX



Our Philosophy

We strive to build unique, high quality effects with uncompromised performance at affordable prices.  Each design begins from scratch, with original ideas selected to provide musicians with new features and capabilities.  As a design takes shape, we emphasize selection of quality components to maximize the value of the finished product.  If it becomes necessary to reduce cost, we rely on innovations to our design and assembly process to meet target prices rather than sacrificing component quality.

All final assembly and testing takes place in Los Angeles, CA.  Before shipping, all effects units are tested with high performance test equipment at our lab.

Components we use

High performance Blackmer® VCA's from THAT Corp
Low noise, low distortion FET-input Burr-Brown op-amps
C0G (NP0), film, and audio grade electrolytic capacitors
Metal thin film surface mount resistors at noise sensitive locations
Conductive plastic potentiometers, 5x rotational life of popular carbon
Ultra low noise low dropout power supply regulators

Surface mount technology (SMT):  Our circuit boards are assembled by an automated process to ensure reliability and reduce cost.  

Who we are

RetrogradeFX is wholly owned and operated by Watkins Technical, LLC.  The effects that we build are designed by Jon Watkins:  Electrical Engineer, bass player, and gear enthusiast.