Frequently Asked Questions



We only take orders for pedals that are in stock.  Our policy is not to accept back orders, and we wait to list inventory until it is prepared to ship.  This allows us to ship promptly so that you can be sure your pedal will arrive without delay.  Most orders ship within 24 hours, but on some occasions we may take 2 days to ship.  If your order is a rush, please send us an email as soon as possible, and we will do our best expedite shipping.

Although we do not accept orders on out-of-stock items, we are happy keep a wait list.  Just send us an email and we'll be sure you're first to know when the pedal is available.


Shipment is through USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.  If you require a different carrier, feel free to make arrangements by contacting us before placing an order.


Our effects are designed for use with standard 9 V center-negative power supplies (commonly known as the BOSS supply with 2.1 mm center pin).  All circuits are internally regulated with quality low-noise, low-dropout regulators to provide active ripple rejection and noise immunity.

Our effects do not ship with power supplies.  Many musicians prefer to choose their own power supply.  We reduce cost by allowing you to select your own power supply.  It is essential that you use an appropriately specified power supply with proper polarity.

Our effects do not use batteries.  Years ago, batteries were an inelegant solution for noisy power supplies and bad grounding.  Batteries are expensive, and they end up in land-fills.  With the variety of power supply options available today, we focus on maintaining a small footprint on your pedalboard as well as the environment.


Our housings are bought from a supplier in the United States.  All electronic components are purchased from vendors in the United States.  We use several PCB fab houses, some domestic and some international.  All final assembly and testing takes place at our lab in Los Angeles, CA.


Circuit boards are assembled with lead-free components and solder.  All components are RoHS compliant.  All units are safely packed to ensure safe delivery, and we choose our packaging to reduce unnecessary waste.


We are interested in developing mutually beneficial relationships with distributors and retailers.  If you are a distributor or retailer interested in our products, please contact us at